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How Anger Effects The Home

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

When stress has different sources, our mind treats stressful things as separate occurring events so we may ignore, compartmentalize, minimize, or deny that we are experiencing stress. Not realizing small stressors occurring from many different sources build up and are experienced by our body as mounting pressure and increasing tension, by the time our mind catches up, our body is on stress overload and we’re experiencing chronic mental, emotional, and physical tension which has our stress response working 24/7 leading to fatigue.

Because we’ve been ignoring, compartmentalizing, minimizing, and/or denying all along, we are not prepared or clear about the source(s) of our stress and fatigue. We’ve convinced ourselves over time that it is the one thing currently happening that is the reason or source of what we’re upset or aggravated; when in fact, it’s the many different things we’ve not properly addressed along the way that we’ve been ignoring that have now snow balled beyond our control and are now overwhelming and crushing us.

This is what happens when we don’t recognize the many different sources of stress in our lives that are creating tension. When we do not address things as they arise, they will only grow. Kind of like, if we don’t wash dishes daily, at some point every single dish and pot and pan in the kitchen will be dirty. What could have been a small easy task, is now an unpleasant and overwhelming mess.

Don’t wait. Deal with issues when they are small so that they don’t become major problems later.

I speak from experience.

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